Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Houston, We Have A Problem.

I have recently lost some weight. Almost 25 lbs.  Without being hungry and without hours of exercise.  I am not telling you this to boast or brag.  Nor, am I fishing for complements or encouragement.  I am telling you because it has posed a problem.  I started this blog on the premise of posting "healthy" recipes and sharing my love of cooking/lists/eating.  But here's the deal. I have changed.  My habits, my lists, my diet...(meaning the food I eat to live) have changed.  I decided to take the Paleo plunge a couple of months ago and I am a convert. It wasn't such a far stretch for me considering I already steered clear of most carbs by following an "Atkin's-type" lifestyle. But cutting out legumes, quinoa and all grains has really changed my body. And my mind.
Now this in and of itself is no big deal. I mean, people change. Who cares, right? But when you start a blog, put it all out there by declaring your undying love of quinoa and then one day decide, oh nevermind.  Well, it tends to be a bit problematic.
For one, the things I have been cooking lately require no recipe and pretty much no imagination. For instance, meat. Grill, eat.  Bacon.  Crispy, done.  Eggs. A dozen different ways to make them but none requiring much skill. A few fresh greens. An apple and walnuts on occasion. And well, that about completes the realm of my culinary endeavors lately.
So much for captivating my blog followers. 
And another thing, I did have a pantry full of beans, brown/wild rice, organic quinoa and steel-cut oats...which I am sure my blog compelled you to stock up on too.  I thought I was eating healthy food and yet my body kept insisting I wasn't. I have since donated or removed all those ingredients from my home and in turn, completely thrown myself for a loop.  I am having to rethink my staples and recreate recipes without grains.  A bit more difficult than I expected.  Hence the recent diet of bacon and eggs.  
So here is what I am considering as a solution.  I am going to try recipes new to me, Paleo recipes, and give you some pointers, suggestions and reviews.  I am getting a bit board with my weekly meal plan and need some new ideas. (My poor husband, God bless him. The man is a saint.) I hope to post at least one new recipe a week.  (Starting next week. Sorry, just need to get some lists going first.)  Let me know what you think of the "new format" and feel free to chime in, ask questions or block me.  Whichever you see fit.  If you are interested in learning about eating in a more primitive way, here are some books and sites you might check out to get you started.  See ya next week!


  1. Wow! What do I say? I see how this is a problem. Blogging is already hard enough sometimes. Believe me, I know and I feel your pain. The more interesting part is the timing of your change. I too blog. I too am making drastic changes in the things that I do. What are the chances that this would happen to us at the same time?

    I am interested in your perspective on things. I understand the grains...not sure I understand what the problem is with beans? I would like to read and catch up on your links, but will have to wait until next week to put it on the schedule.

    Congratulations on the 25lbs! I would love to get rid of 25lbs. I will keep reading. You keep writing. If we can figure out how to make men eat the way we need to eat, we will be on top of the world.

  2. P.S.

    Started reading the book - Wheat Belly.



    No wonder.

    Just getting rid of wheat has given me more energy, and cleared my mind a little. I guess I have been living in a wheat fog.

    Really believe it is the wheat because when I have gone back to wheat - drastic changes in mood and energy.


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